Services Provided

Full Service:
    At Oium Blacktop, we provide all of the services needed to install and maintain your hot mix asphalt. These services consist of, but are not limited to: hot mix asphalt paving, asphalt maintenance, and base course installation.

Hot Mix Asphalt Paving:
    We are a provider of professional hot mix asphalt paving for commercial and residential projects. These projects consist of parking lots, roads, driveways, and more. We use material that meet any specifications that you may need. These materials are placed with very reliable and well-maintained equipment.

Asphalt Maintenance:
    Asphalt maintenance is a service we can provide directly, or through a professional asphalt maintenance company. These services consist of crack-filling, seal coating, and striping for commercial and residential projects. Again, our materials used will meet any and all specifications.

Base Course Installation:
    Along with paving, we provide the preparation work. The base course material that we use provides the best support for your asphalt. On large projects, we install the base course with an asphalt paver. This allows the base course to be installed at a uniform thickness. After installation, we final grade and compact the base course to ensure a smooth-driving surface that has the proper water drainage.